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Atlanta Car Accident Claims Involving Herniated Discs

A herniated disc is one of the most underrated injuries that can result out of a car accident, or slip and fall. A herniated disc occurs when the cushion or jelly between the spinal vertebrae is pushed out from the sudden impact. When this happens, the jelly comes in contact with the sciatic nerves, causing intense pain that radiates down the back and legs. Herniated discs are also known as slipped discs or ruptured disks. These can also occur as a result of workplace trauma, car accidents, premises liability slip and fall cases, and many other type of accidents.

A herniated disc can cause intense pain that can make it impossible for the injured person to go resume normal activities. The pain typically occurs as a kind of electric shock pain. These shock waves of pain travel down the arms in the case of a herniated disk in the cervical region. In the case of a herniated disc in the lower back region, there may be sharp pricks of pain radiating down your legs and into the feet. You may also have other painful and uncomfortable tingling, and sensations of numbness. There may also be muscular weakness and fatigue, which often will worsen over time unless prompt medical care and treatment is sought by the injured party.

A herniated disk can sometimes result in a condition called cauda equina syndrome, characterized by problems with urination, bowel problems and numbness in the genital region. This condition is characteristic of an emergency, and you must consult your doctor as quickly as possible.

A herniated disc can mean inability to go back to work for a long period of time, because there certain posture standards that a doctor will require in order to aid healing. A person may suffer not just medical expenses, but also physical therapy expenses, lost wages from inability to work and possibly lost earning potential related to a decreased ability to work and earn a living in the future. Unfortunately, insurance companies often try successfully to downplay the seriousness of the injuries, characterizing them as minor, when they are not. Past and future lost wages are often a major component of a plaintiff’s damages when this type of injury is sustained in a personal injury lawsuit.

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