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Atlanta Car Accident Claims Related to Fractures

Some of the most common injuries that result in car accident claims in Atlanta involve fractures or broken bones. Even a minor impact accident can result in broken bones. Fractures can also occur as a result of slip and fall accidents or a whole host of other types of situations that involve people being injured due to the negligence of a third-party.

Any broken bone can be called a fracture. However, if the broken bone results in the skin being punctured showing bone, it is referred to as an open fracture.  If the skin has not been opened, it is known as a closed fracture. The kinds of fractures that result from accidents are different from stress fractures that occur because of repeated stress or consistent force against the bone. Stress fractures are more commonly seen among athletes or workers in certain occupations such as those manual workers who repeat the same procedures over and over every day.

The most noticeable symptom of a fracture is intense and severe pain. You may also notice a joint that is dislocated or out of place. There may be severe swelling or bruising in the area. In case of an open fracture, the skin may be broken and the bone might be protruding from it. You won’t be able to move a fractured limb. This is especially true with displaced fractures which are referred to by doctors as a “step-off deformity” and usually require the bones to aligned properly before the fracture is set. If this is not done, and the fracture is fixated together, the bone will not heal together and will, at some point in the future have to be re-set, or the fracture will never heal properly.

In case of a broken bone, it’s important to keep the joint or bone immobile. Call emergency services. If it is an open fracture with broken skin, don’t try to probe the skin or touch it. Open fractures can result in infections. Use ice packs to reduce swelling and make your way to the emergency room as quickly as you safely can.

There can be a number of fractures that result from an Atlanta car accident. These include • Hand fractures • Finger fractures • Arm fractures including fractures of the forearm, ulna, radius and humerus • Pelvic fractures • Wrist fractures • Shoulder fractures, including fractures of the clavicle, scapula, and proximal humerus • Hip fractures, which are also often seen during certain slip and fall accidents • Leg fractures, including fractures of the femur, Tibia and patella • Foot and ankle fractures
Your Atlanta car accident lawyer will prepare a claim depending on the kind of damages you have suffered. Every car accident claim for instance, will include medical expenses, hospitalization bills, and pain and suffering. However, you may also be compensated for the kind of impact a broken bone can have on your earning capacity. For instance, a leg or foot fracture could severely, and even permanently, derail the earning capacity of an athlete or dancer. A claim will therefore have to include these lost earnings.

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