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Atlanta Car Accident Claims Involving Shoulder Injuries

Shoulder injuries are some of the most overlooked car accident-related injuries in Atlanta. These injuries typically occur in the soft tissues in the shoulder and neck, including the muscles, tendons and ligaments. A shoulder injury could also be linked to other neck injuries like whiplash that occur during an accident.

The most frequent shoulder injuries arising from car accidents include • Rotator cuff tears and injuries • Muscle tears • Shoulder dislocation
• Subluxation • Broken collarbone • Bursitis or information of the bursa sacs • Broken shoulder blade • Shoulder separation
Symptoms of shoulder injuries include pain that can range from sharp electric shock-like pain to dull throbbing pain and cramps. Injury to the nerves could also result in weakness. Nerve injury could also result in numbness, and loss of sensation. You may find a strange sensation that is very similar to having your arm fall asleep. Look out for changes in the color of the skin and a sensation of coolness in the hand or arm. There could also be swelling and deformity.

Your Atlanta car accident shoulder injury claim will be based on the extent and severity of the shoulder injury, the kind of treatment involved, and your recovery prognosis. For instance, in a shoulder injury which doesn’t involve a fracture, which doesn’t require surgery and where the prognosis for the future is excellent with no disability, your car accident claim will likely be for a lower amount. Many workers who must perform manual labor in order to earn a living find themselves unable to perform their job after injuring their shoulder in a car accident. Many times, this results in a substantial lost wages claim. The lost wages in these situations typically are based on past lost wages (an inability to work in the past caused by the wreck and resulting shoulder injury), future lost wages (an inability to work in the future due to the shoulder injury sustained in the wreck) and disability (in inability to work caused by the should injury sustained in the wreck).

If your injury involves a broken bone, a rotator cuff tear,  or a torn labrum in the shoulder, which requires surgery and where there is a possibility that you might experience some disability in the future, your Atlanta car accident attorney could be looking at a higher amount in your accident claim.

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