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Atlanta Motorcycle Accident Ends in Death

A motorcyclist died over the Holiday weekend after crashing with a car on Old National Highway. According to Fulton County police, the deceased lost control of his motorcycle and died after colliding with a car at the intersection of Old National Highway and Hallie Mill Road. Excessive speed was cited by investigators as a factor in causing the wreck.

The initial report lists excessive speed as the cause, or contributing factor, to the wreck. This is by no means an end to the inquiry, nor should it be. Many times, after the initial police report has been completed, a more thorough investigation uncovers other factors that caused or contributed to a motor vehicle accident. In addition to follow-up by the police, I have found that private investigators my uncover other causes of the wreck. Common causes of these accidents include but are certainly not limited to: driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, cell phone use or other acts of inattentiveness while driving on the highway, distractions, improper signaling while turning, no turn signal when changing lanes on the interstate of highway, defective equipment, not having headlights on in dusk or twilight conditions, not properly marking dangerous conditions, truckers falling asleep at the wheel, lack of adherence to safety regulations by trucking companies, following too close, speeding, driving too fast for conditions such as ice, snow, heavy rain or fog, running a red light or stop sign, improper turns, tailgating, road rage incidents, unsafe potholes in city streets, animal crossings, and many other acts of negligence that can cause death or serious injury on the roads of Atlanta.

If you have been in an Atlanta auto accident which has resulted in serious injury or even death of a passenger, it is imperative that a full and thorough investigation is conducted by the police and, if applicable, an experienced personal injury law firm, to determine all of the factors that caused or contributed to the collision and resulting injuries. Many times, the initial report does identify one of the factors of the wreck. But, there are many other factors that cause of contribute to a wreck which are not contained in the initial police report. These additional factors can, in many cases, determine who was at-fault in the wreck and who the potential defendants are.

One recent case in which we represented and injured driver is illustrative of these points. Our client, an elderly gentleman, was seriously injured when he ran into the back of a farm tractor on a rural two-lane highway at dusk. The initial police report cited our client for following too close and that was the end of the police inquiry. However, follow-up investigation by our firm determined that the collision as not our client’s fault, but rather was caused by the farm tractor entering the roadway illegally at dusk, not utilizing any lighting or reflectors and traveling in an unsafe manner. The client, although initially cited by the police for following too close, was successful in the lawsuit.

We have had other great successes in helping seriously injured clients fully recover for their injuries. We do this by fully investigating every case. If you or a family member has been seriously injured or killed in an auto wreck, please contact us so that we can help properly evaluate your case.

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