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Atlanta Drivers Take Note: Smaller Cars Sustain More Damage in Car Wrecks

Regardless of how they are commonly referred to as: car accidents (also known as car wrecks; or car collisions; or road wrecks; or vehicular accidents; or trucking accidents; or trucking wrecks) happen frequently in Atlanta. That’s something we all agree on. It’s just a part of life in the big city. What happens once an accident occurs is interesting though. The recent trend of drivers wisely choosing smaller, more fuel efficient cars, changes some of the dynamics. Now more than ever, even low impact collisions can result in major property damage to the vehicles and severe injuries. The reason: while smaller, more fuel efficient cars are built with more safety features in mind, the sheer size of these vehicles is a fraction of the larger cars that Detroit used to manufacture by the millions. And, for all of the safety advancements of the smaller cars, there is no substitute for sheer size in helping a car accident victim avoid being seriously injured in a wreck. In simple terms, the driver in a Chevy Suburban is less likely to suffer severe injuries when involved in an automobile accident than the driver of a Mini Cooper or similarly sized car. While this is the general rule and is based on well-settled basic laws of physics, there are exceptions.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, repairs to smaller cars involved in low speed collisions could cost up to $3,701.00. According to the Institute, a low-speed crash is one that occurs at speeds of 3 to 6 miles-per-hour. While this is not news to those people who have suffered severe injuries in low impact collisions, it does quantify what we have long known: there is no direct relationship between the speed of the collision and the resulting property damage to the vehicles or the severity of the injuries sustained in the wreck.

As an experienced injury lawyer, I have been fortunate to have represented many clients who seriously injured in car wrecks. Based on my experience, the general rule is that the higher the speed of collision the greater the extent of property damage and injuries sustained in the accident. However, there are exceptions to every rule. Sometimes there is just no relationship between the speed of the wreck and the injuries. As the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety confirms, a lot of damage can be done by a low-impact collision.

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