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Dangerous Materials Found in Chinese Drywall

Recent attention has focused on faulty Chinese Drywall as causing a number of construction defects and personal injures. Once again, more information is coming to light. According to a recent test conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency, the Chinese-made drywall contained sulfur and acrylic paint compounds. Apparently added to increase the weight of the product (and hence, to increase the profit), these findings further support the growing concern that the Chinese drywall is damaging new and remodeled Atlanta-area homes.

If your home was recently built or remodeled and you suspect that it contains defective Chinese-made drywall, you should investigate further to protect your family from harmful toxic exposure. You also may be able to recover your damages due to this defective product.

The potential danger of Chinese-made drywall was uncovered when buyers of new homes in Florida noticed a strange smell, which officials now believe to be from high sulfur content in Chinese drywall. It now appears that the problem may be more widespread than just Florida.

The potentially toxic Chinese dry wall was first introduced to the United States in 2001. The effects of toxic drywall manifest themselves when homeowners notice abnormal failures of their air conditioning coils or HVAC units. Homeowners, building owners, or occupants may have noticed corroded electrical wiring in their walls in properties built or remodeled since 2001.

More troubling, is that family members living in these houses may have suffered upper respiratory problems, nose bleeds, headaches or other potentially serious medical conditions caused by the sulfur-tainted drywall.

While the initial lawsuits are filed in Florida, evidence is emerging that strongly suggests that single family homes in Georgia and Atlanta subdivisions built from 2001 to the present contain the defective product.

If you suspect that your home contains this defective drywall, click here for help in evaluating your situation.

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