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Do You Have the Right Lawyer For Your Georgia Case

In the news recently was the story of a woman who pretended to be a lawyer at the Towns County, Georgia Detention Center in April. She was arrested earlier this month by the Towns County Sheriff’s office and has been charged with practicing law without a license.

While your current lawyer may or may not be well suited to represent you, I doubt that you are in the position of being represented by someone who doesn’t even have a law license. Well, I certainly hope not. So, with that in mind, let’s look at what might be important to you if you ask: Is the lawyer I have the best choice for me and my case in Georgia?

There are many factors to take into account when trying to answer this question. First, you must ask whether the lawyer has the skill and training in the particular area of law in which your case falls. This is a pre-requisite for any attorney that you hire in Georgia. However, based on the news story at the top of this post, maybe the first questions should be whether person you hired is actually a lawyer (a thinly veiled attempt at humor). In any case, your lawyer should have adequate training and experience in the specific area of law that the case involves. Some common areas of law are car accidents, slip and falls, premises liability, medical malpractice, etc. All of these areas involve unique issues and laws that require a good amount of familiarity that usually can only be obtained by handling these cases over the course of many years.

Next, ask yourself with you and your lawyer share good chemistry. Are you on the same page as far as what you expect out of your case and how to achieve that. Do you get along and like each other? These are also important questions to ponder in coming to the conclusion of whether a lawyer that you are considering for your case (or have already hired) is right for you.

Finally, ask yourself whether your lawyer’s style is in line with what you expect from anyone that you deal with on your life. Any good lawyer in Georgia should not only know the law, but they should follow the rules on ethics and always act in a professional and courteous manner. If you feel as if your lawyer is not up to speed in these areas, it may not be a good fit and another lawyer may be better for your particular case. This is something that should be decided very early on in the process (and prior to retaining a lawyer, if at all possible) so your case is not delayed or damaged by a lawyer who simply is not a good fit.

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