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Hulk Hogan Needs Surgery to Remove Effects of Dental Negligence

Being a pro wrestler doesn’t help you deal with the mess that is left behind after a dentist has been negligent. Hulk Hogan found this out the hard way. The pro wrestler last week underwent surgery to remove a metal tack that had been left in his mouth after a dental procedure.

According to Hulk Hogan, in October, he underwent dental surgery to get implants. First, the dentist performed a sinus graft that placed a donor bone in the mouth. The donor bone was meant to support the implant. When the implantation process began, the doctor removed the mold, and in the process also tore out about 50 stitches from the donor bone procedure.

After the implantation procedure, Hogan suffered a number of problems, including severe discomfort and pain. The wound became infected, and even a course of antibiotics did not help.

His doctor recommended a CT scan to find the source of the problem. It was then that the wrestler found that the dentist had left a metal tack in his mouth. This was causing all the pain and infection. Last week, the pro wrestler went back to the hospital, for surgery to remove the metal tack. At this point in time, no Atlanta dental malpractice lawyer has any information about whether Hulk Hogan is planning to sue his dentist.

Many victims of dental malpractice that Atlanta dental malpractice lawyers come across suffer from oral infections, damaged nerves and wounds to the mouth and sinus areas. Some of these wounds can cause nerve injury, and even long-term or permanent damage. Often, the best way to determine if malpractice has been committed is to conduct a Cone Beam CT Scan, which is a 3D CT scan and which allows us to view the teeth, bone, nerves and other structures of the mouth. Once the cone beam CT is conducted, a dental radiologist often reviews it an issues a Radiology Report outlining the findings of the CT Scan reading. As in Hulk Hogan’s case, many strange things happen in the dental chair and many unusual items show up in a CT scan. Another use of the Cone Beam CT scan is to make sure that none of the implant are invading any of the dental nerves or sinuses. This is usually the result of dental malpractice and often leads to horrific damages.

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