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Get Your Dog Socialized to Prevent Bites, Attacks

Preventing a dog bite in Atlanta could be simply a matter of socializing your dog. That doesn’t mean that a well-socialized dog will never be involved in attacks. Any Atlanta dog bite lawyer will tell you that there are no ways to accurately predict animal behavior because it isn’t an exact science. There’s much about animals, including pet dogs that we don’t know, and it’s impossible to completely predict exactly what will tick them off, and make them bite.

I came across a report in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution this week, about dog socialization. Socialization of dogs may be one of the many things that a dog owner can do to prevent the risks of a bite. Most emphasis on responsible dog ownership centers on feeding, training and exercising these animals. While all of these are important, it’s also essential that you expose your dog to a variety of people from an early age.

Dog experts suggest socialization begin as early as six months of age. However, that doesn’t mean that an older dog cannot be socialized. Socialization simply involves taking your pet with you everywhere you go, and exposing he to a wide variety of human beings. The more colors, smells, and sounds he’s exposed to, the less fearful he is. Fear can result in anxiety, and very often is the root of a dog bite.

There are plenty of dog training clubs in Atlanta, where your dog will be exposed not just to other humans, but also other dogs. If you can’t afford these services, simply take your dogs regularly to the mall, park, restaurants, and any other places you can.

A dog that’s inside the four walls of a home, with little interaction with other people, is more likely to view humans as a threat. Atlanta dog bite attorneys know that such animals are at a higher risk of an attack.

If you own are in Atlanta and are attacked by a dog and the attack is unprovoked, the dog’s owner faces liability for actions of the dog. While most people think that Georgia and other states apply the “one free bite” rule, this is not the case. Generally, a pet owner can be held liable for the injuries of their pet if they knew, or should have known that the animal was dangerous to others. One concrete example of this would be an attack by an animal who has previously attacked before. While this is true, and the “one bite” rule does apply, the law regarding liability in these cases is much broader. If an animal owner is negligent and that negligence leads to an attack, the animal owner will be liable to the victim for the damages suffered in the attack. This general rule of liability applies even if the animal has never attacked before.

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