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Georgia Root Canal Leads to Nerve Injury and Permanent Pain

Root Canals Are Common Procedures In Georgia

Root canals are a common dental procedure performed in Georgia by general dentists and endodontists. If the root canal is not performed correctly, the plaintiff in a lawsuit will allege that the defendant dentist was negligent in performing a root canal and the malpractice resulted in the plaintiff suffering permanent nerve damage. In most cases, the permanent nerve damage causes the plaintiff to endure constant pain in addition to the numbness and, in some instances, intermittent spiking sharp pain. While this may sound odd: i.e., numbness and pain at the same time, it is relatively common for dental nerve injuries such as a lingual nerve injury or inferior alveolar nerve injury from a root canal. Not only is this a common result of dental malpractice, often the numbness and pain are permanent.

Most Complications Involve Root Canals on Back Teeth and Women

Most botched root canals involved women patients who seek dental treatment for a lower molar toothache. The defendant dentist will advise that the plaintiff should undergo a root canal in order to relieve the pain from the toothache. The dentist will perform the root canal, in most cases the same day. Many times the plaintiff will be numbed for the root canal procedure and will never regain feeling in her jaw after the procedure. In other words, imagine going to the dentist, being numbed for a root canal and waking up the next morning and realizing that you are as numb as when you were in the dentist chair the day before.  And this numbness never goes away. Couple this with constant pain that is permanent and one can start to appreciate the horrible impact that a botched root canal can cause, which in some cases can be life-altering.

Nerve Damage Results

The overfilled root canal often damages the facial nerves and can cause the plaintiff to suffer permanent nerve damage, which, if the pain is too severe, cannot be corrected unless the nerve is severed by the subsequent oral surgeon in a last-ditch effort to alleviate the pain, which can be intractable.  This type of correct surgery has its own risks, including leading to more numbness, different pain, face drooping, drooling and a changed smile. If the correct surgery is unsuccessful, the only choice left to address the pain is constant painkillers for the remainder of plaintiff’s life. Of course, a lifetime of pain killers has its own side effects and risk, in addition to the cost of the medications for the remainder of the patient’s life. These additional problems can be liver or kidney complication, and side effects from the medications (commonly seen complications from pain killers is drowsiness, constipation, agitation, trouble breathing, reduced ability to operate motor vehicles and heavy machinery, decreased reflexes and others).

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