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Georgia Dental Implant Malpractice Injuries

An Improperly Installed Dental Implant Is The Result of Dental Error

Dental implants must be placed carefully to ensure that they will heal properly and be able to bear the stress of biting and chewing. Common errors made by dentists, oral surgeons and periodontists who incorrectly install implants include placing the implant in areas without sufficient bone density or placing the implant too deep in the jaw so that it impinges on the nerves in the lower jaw or the sinus cavity in the upper jaw. In both instances, this is a result of dental malpractice. These mistakes can be avoided by using an experienced dentist who utilizes 3D CT scans and mapping to plan the placement of the implants prior to installing them.

Not All Dentists Are Created Equal

Not all dentist have the same level of surgical skill. Some dentists who install implants in Georgia are practicing below the standard of care when installing implants. A well-trained and skilled dental surgeon will, in almost all cases, comply with the standard of care for dentists under like or similar circumstances. This is because they are well versed in proper surgical methods that ensure the procedure is performed properly and the healing is adequate and free from infection. When you have the misfortune of have an implant installed by a dentist that does not comply with the standard of care, complications such as  nerve injuries, osteomyelitis (infection in the jaw bone), infection of the site where the implant is installed or failure of the implant are likely to occur.  It is critical that you thoroughly research dentists prior to electing to have a dentist install and implant. Many times, people choose a dentist because the office is close to their house or work. However, with dental implants, too much is on the line to not thoroughly vet who will be installing your implant. At the very least, you should ensure that they use a cone beam CT scan to view and measure the jaw and mapping software models to ensure the correct size and type implant is used and installed properly. A cheap implant can cause you your health and your happiness and be quite expensive in the long run. Do not try to save money and end up spending more (in time, money and health problems) on the subsequent possible infections, nerve damage or deep bone infections. Be sure to check the track record of the dentist you are contemplating using. Seek references from people who you know and trust such. Many times this will save you from making the wrong choice and ending up with a permanent injury from a dental implant.

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If you are reading this article, chances are you have suffered an injury from a dental implant. If so, time is of the essence and you should not delay seeking an opinion from a nerve specialist or other specialist as to what you can do to correct the damage caused by the improperly installed dental implant.

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