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Georgia Dental Injuries by Prevalence

As a lawyer in Georgia who regularly handles dental injuries, I come across a lot of situations which result in dental injuries. Some injuries are sustained prior to the patient going to the dentists, while others are caused by the dental treatment itself. Some of the most common situations which result in dental injuries outside of the dental office are:

Car Accidents. The most common situation that I encounter that results in a non-dentist induced dental injury is in accident cases and most commonly in car wrecks. Probably the most common scenario that results in dental injuries is a car accident victim who smashes their mouth into the steering wheel when they are hit from behind while stopped.

Sports Injuries. There’s a reason most sports require you to sign paperwork and waivers before you can play. While fun to participate in, sports put your body in danger. With balls, bats, sticks, and even other players moving quickly around on the field or court, it doesn’t take a lot to cause an injury. Protect yourself while playing any sport by wearing the right protective gear, and be prepared for the unexpected. Unfortunately, most sports injuries occur to children, who do not yet have the self-awareness to appreciate some of the dangers inherent in all sports. A hard tackle in football, a foul ball at a baseball of softball game, or even an elbow in basketball can knock a tooth out or even fracture a jaw.

Injuries at Home. Even the most cautious people are at risk for slipping and falling and eventually hurting themselves. You can protect against this risk by cleaning carefully and making sure that there are no liquids or improperly stored items that may cause you to fall inside your house. Even more caution should be used outside the house as well. One of the most common causes of dental injuries at home is falling on items that are placed on the stairs. We have all probably been guilt of this (putting things on the bottom of the stairs until we go up the stairs). This is a very dangerous habit and can result in severe dental injuries both on inside stairs and on stairs that are on the outside of a home.

However, by far, the most common cause of dental injuries that we see at our law firm when taking in new dental cases are injuries sustained in the dental chair. In other words, injuries caused by the dentist when performing dental procedures such as root canals, dental implants and extractions. While some of these injuries are not serious, some can be very severe and support a dental malpractice lawsuit.

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