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Faulty Respirators Continue to be Found

Faulty respirators that can result in the user developing illnesses like asbestos mesothelioma and asbestosis continue to be found in the Atlanta area. These respirators are supposed to protect the wearer by getting rid of contaminants in the air. But even with industry policies prepared and employed by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health and Center for Disease Control design flaws continue to be found.

Faulty respirators are worse than not wearing a respirator at all because it gives workers a falls sense of security that they are safe from asbestos so the wearer is more likely to put him or herself into more dangerous situations.

It is estimated that over 84,000 lawsuits have been filed against 3M due to faulty respirators failing to filter out asbestos and other toxins. And American Optical has had 140,000 claims filed against it where claimants have alleged that their respirators were responsible for asbestos-related diseases in wearers.

Asbestos is used as a fire retardant in insulation. It is also used in roofing and various materials that are used in contruction. Workers in mines, power plants, shipyards, railroads, and construction sites are most likely to come into contact with asbestos.

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