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Cancer Linked to Cell Phone Usage

Acoustic neuromas is a type of cancer that researches have found to be five times more likely to develop in children and young teenagers who use cell phones. Researchers of this study also found that people who didn’t use cell phones until they were in their twenties were only twice as likely to develop the cancer. Acoustic neuromas can cause deafness.

It is believed by researchers of the study that children 12 years old and younger should only use cell phones in the event of an emergency and that hands-free phones or headsets are best used by teens. Incidentally, the National Agency for Research on Cancer has categorized cell phones as a category 2B. Other carcinogenic compounds classified, as category 2B is gas engine exhaust and the pesticide DDT.

Most experts claim that it is not possible to presuppose the long-term health risks associated with cell phone use because it can take decades for cancer to develop. And studies haven’t followed people for more than one decade. The information from the study will be sent to the World Health Organization to be reviewed and for potential guidelines on cell phone use to be implemented.

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