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Posted On: January 30, 2013 by Robert J. Fleming

With the new year came the latest edition of the "Real" Yellow Pages and a host of imitators. I normally throw them right into the recycling bin because, as a hard-working and ethical lawyer who has built his practice on past performance in the courtroom and client satisfaction and referrals, it is difficult to read the Yellow Page Ads that some lawyers run. Truth be told, I know some of these lawyer and more importantly, I know the quality of law that they practice. To be kind--they are not the best choice when one is seriously injured and looking for a lawyer in Atlanta that will take the case on, work the case up, and resolve it or try it quickly.

It is astounding, but the "best lawyers in Atlanta" are almost all NOT in the Yellow Page Ads. In addition, the two page spreads are dominated by law firm mills (heavy use of paralegals, advertising for low-lying fruit and who sign up and refer out to real trial lawyers the difficult but valuable cases).

As has always been the case, if you are seriously injured in an accident, you absolutely need a good lawyer (the best available, really) to help you maximize your recovery quickly and methodically. Insurance adjusters get bonuses when they persuade injured people to settle their cases without a lawyer. Have you ever wondered why? Because study after study shows that the net result to an injured claimant is almost always higher if they have an attorney on their side. Sometimes, the net amount can be triple (or even more) what they would get if they don't hire a lawyer.

If you have been injured and would like to discuss your case with a smart, experienced and dedicated lawer, please contact Robert J. Fleming today. Past results speak volumes. Call (404) 525-5150 for a free telephone evaluation of your case.

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