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New Year Rings in Same Old Injuries for Atlanta Dental Patients

With the new year upon us, many people contemplate dental work as a way to have a new beginning or to get ready for the new year. As an Atlanta Dental Malpractice lawyer, I am far too aware of injuries that can result from botched dental work.

Dental implants, root canals, and wisdom tooth extractions are just three of the many dental procedures that result in serious nerve injuries to the lingual and inferior alveolar nerves. It’s a simple (not simplistic) error that dentists make that cause these injuries. Most times, the injury occurs because the dentist does not take into account the distance between the tooth root and the nerves, or worse yet, doesn’t even bother to take pre-procedure x-rays or CBCT scans to make sure there is sufficient room between the tooth roots and the nerve or nerve canal.

Dental implant procedures are “in” these days and they are effective, if performed within the standard of care. Unfortunately, we are seeing a lot more clients coming into our office complaining of dental nerve injuries after the dental implant was placed too deep into the jaw. Many doctors who treat these nerve injuries, refer to them as trigeminal neuralgia or trigeminal nerve injuries. While this is a rather imprecise diagnosis in my opinion, it is widely used by neurologists and other medical professionals who do not treat dental nerve injuries on a regular basis because the trigeminal nerve supplies the face, eyes, mouth and scalp with  sensations such as touch, pain, and temperature.

According to the Trigeminal Foundation, trigeminal nerve injuries can cause episodes of intense, stabbing, electric shock-like pain in the areas of the face where the branches of the trigeminal nerve are distributed: the lips, eyes, nose, scalp, forehead, upper jaw and lower jaw. Sometimes you may notice pain with touch or when a cold breeze hits your face. This is a common complaint of clients who have suffered this type of dental injury.

Eating, speaking, drinking, brushing your teeth, shaving or applying makeup may all be difficult because of the changes in feeling. Examples of some patients with these nerve injuries.

If you have suffered a nerve injury to your inferior alveolar or lingual nerve after the placement of a dental implant or after root canal therapy and would like to discuss your situation with an experienced lawyer who specials in dental malpractice, contact Robert J. Fleming at (404) 923-7497 for a free case evaluation.

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