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What Type of Doctor Treats Trigeminal Nerve Injury?

Many times, potential clients who have suffered a dental nerve injury are not sure which type of doctor is best equipped to diagnose an injury to the inferior alveolar, lingual or mental nerves. While many specialists are trained to diagnose and treat pain and nerve damage, a microneurosurgeon is, many times, the best equipped for these types of injuries. Trigeminal nerve injury diagnosis, treatment and management is considered a subspecialty of oral and maxillofacial surgery. As such, microneurosurgeons usually possess additional training, experience and clinical skills to treat these nerves after damage caused by dental treatments.

Other medical providers that may be involved in the care and treatment of a dental nerve injury sufferer are neurologists, anesthesiologists, pain management doctors, oral surgeons, general dentists, and in many cases dental physical therapists who may try to address dental nerve injury signs or symptoms much like they do for tempromandibular disorder patients.

It has been my experience that these additionally listed medical providers may be helpful, but that they often lack the expertise that a microneurosurgeon has in regard to the trigeminal nerve injuries that we have focused on in this article which are the lingual nerve, inferior alveolar nerve, the mental nerve and the infra-orbital nerve. The reason for this is the microneurosurgeons usually deal with injuries to these nerves on a daily basis, whether it is examining and diagnosing these nerve injuries or performing subsequent surgery to try to repair the nerves after they have been damaged during a dental procedure. As discussed elsewhere, these dental nerves can be damaged during routine dental procedures such as extractions (especially of mandibular molars, the placement of dental implants, and the performance of root canal therapy. Once the injury occurs, a general diagnosis such as “trigeminal neuralgia’ is not very useful, and a diagnosis of “Bells Palsey” is often harmful and wrong. This is why it is preferable that a micro-neurosurgeon be involved early and, if possible, take the lead in caring for these type of serious injuries.

Although microneurosurgery of the trigeminal nerve is an evolving field, many skilled surgeons are reporting success in treating signs and symptoms that are associated with dental nerve injuries. While each case is different, surgical intervention, if timely performed, can oftentimes reduce numbness and pain associated with these injuries. However, it is important to timely consult with a specialist in order to understand all of your treatment options, as many of the available treatments are time-sensitive.

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