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What Important Factors Should I Consider When Hiring A Georgia Lawyer

As an experienced Georgia lawyer, I represent many clients who have been seriously injured or who have complex legal needs. This entry is one of a series of blog posts which address frequently asked questions. Knowing the answers to these common questions will allow those who need to hire a Georgia lawyer to make a more informed decision.

What should I look for in choosing a lawyer in Georgia to represent me?

Before hiring a lawyer in Georgia, you should conduct some basic background research to determine if the lawyer you are considering hiring is the right lawyer for the job. Many times the best marketer gets hired by the client, and this is a shame, because you deserve to have an experienced and dedicated lawyer representing you. As a general rule, staying away from the “heavy advertisers” such as those lawyers who advertise on daytime T.V., on the back of city busses, and on the front pages of the Yellow Pages is advisable. Many of these lawyers simply spend a lot of money on advertising and refer most of their cases to other lawyers who actually do the work.

Some factors which should be considered before hiring your lawyer are: (1) education–from which law school did the lawyer graduate. Law school educations vary greatly. Make sure your Georgia lawyer graduated from a top law school; (2) how much experience does this lawyer have. The practice of law is one of those professions that, with few exceptions, the more experience a lawyer has, the better. Lawyers often draw upon prior cases and situations in which they were involved to successfully prosecute current cases. The more experienced your lawyer is, the more prior experiences to draw from. Experience matters; (3) ask about courtroom experience and results. Many lawyers are vague about this. Many call themselves “litigators” yet have no direct trial experience. If you have an important case and go to trial, you will want an experienced trial lawyer (i.e., one who has ample “first chair” trial experiences and results to share with you) on your side at the courthouse. Ask specific questions and expect direct answers; (4) try to hire a lawyer that you like. I realize that, many times, you must make a fairly quick decision, and you have little chance to really get to know a lawyer before you hire them. But, try to get to know the lawyer you are considering hiring. Then, use your instincts and ask yourself, “is this someone who is trustworthy, likeable and easy to get along with?” You can usually answer this question. If the answer is, “no” or “I don’t know”, then keep searching and hire a different lawyer. A good trial lawyer is someone who can be trusted by all (by you, by opposing counsel and by the judges and courtroom staff). A good trial lawyer has a personality that people genuinely like and respect. A good trial lawyer instills confidence and competency in everyone involved. You should have these good feelings about your lawyer, or you should continue your search. “Why,” you may ask. Because your lawyer will need all of these skills to successfully prosecute your case, whether it involves negotiating with the other side’s insurance company, working with you, or trying your case in a court of law.

Robert J. Fleming is an experienced Georgia trial lawyer. In addition to a law degree, Mr. Fleming has earned an MBA in finance and he has successfully litigated many important cases. This unique skill set has enabled Mr. Fleming to achieve record successes in this area.

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