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Unpaid Breaks Cost Home Depot $25.5 Million

Home Depot has settled a class action lawsuit which alleged that HD violated California’s strict labor laws by not providing its workers with a 30-minute paid meal period after working 5 hours. HD had apparently tried to comply with national labor laws which are chiefly governed by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

The settlement shows that many state laws, including many Georgia laws which protect Georgia workers, can form the legal basis for employees to recover for unfair pay practices. While Georgia laws are not as protective of workers as those in California, there are many laws in Georgia which do protect workers and allow for the recovery of back pay, interest, exemplary damages and attorneys’ fees.

Attorney Robert J. Fleming is committed to applying both federal and Georgia wage laws in order to allow our clients to fully recover the money they are owed when pursuing a pay dispute or commission dispute. Many times, a terminated Georgia worker is not aware that they are protected and that they have a valid legal claim. If you have a commission dispute and would like to discuss your case in confidence, contact us online or call (404) 525-5150. We are here to help.

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