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Understand the Symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury (“TBI”)

As an Atlanta car accident lawyer, I find it surprising that so many people are unaware of the symptoms of brain injuries, considering the seriousness of these. A brain injury does not have to involve a person blacked out for hours, or bleeding from the head and nose. In fact, symptoms of brain injury can vary, depending on whether it’s a mild, moderate or severe TBI.

A mild TBI, like one that results from a simple slip and fall accident, can leave a person with a momentary loss of consciousness, which lasts for just a few minutes. The person will experience headaches, dizziness, blurred vision, and other not-so-visible signs like difficulty sleeping, difficulty in concentrating or paying attention, and an unexplainable sense of fatigue. A mild brain injury, like a concussion, may disappear on its own in a few weeks.

However, just because this is a mild injury, it does not mean that injured patients must not take care of themselves. It is very important that you avoid another concussion soon after the first one. A second concussion can lead to more lasting symptoms. Certain persons, like football players, may be at a higher risk of suffering a second concussion, if they return to playing the sport soon after the first injury.

A person with a moderate to severe Traumatic Brain Injury may also exhibit the same symptoms as mild TBI, but will also suffer vomiting and nausea, a consistent and persistent headache, and difficulty in awakening from sleep. Look for other signs like a loss of coordination, confusion and restlessness. The person may also suffer from convulsions or seizures.

These are more serious symptoms, and it’s very important to seek emergency medical care as quickly as possible.

Even a simple concussion can lead to serious complications. If the concussion leads to a blood clot, a person may experience weakness, slurred speech, difficulty in waking up, loss of consciousness, difficulty recognizing people, and convulsions. It goes without saying that these symptoms must be brought to the attention of your physician immediately.

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