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Typical Symptoms of Lingual Nerve Damage

I receive many calls from potential clients who have been injured during a dental visit. Based on interviewing these new clients, the three nerves that seem to be injured most are the lingual nerve, the inferior alveolar nerve and the infraorbital nerve. When the injury is to the lingual nerve, the client will report an injury history and symptoms somewhat like the following: I suffered the nerve injury after having my wisdom teeth out. My tongue is numb and burns, but only on one side. The oral surgeon says not to worry, but I am very nervous that this numbness and pain is not going to get better– and this is something that I cannot live with. Even though I have been prescribed pain medication (gabapentin or tegretol), nothing seems to help the constant stabbing pain in my tongue. I have read many stories about others that have suffered from this injury and I just can’t believe this is happening to me. Despite my best efforts to keep a positive attitude, I am worried to death that this nerve injury will take over my life, cause me to lose my job or worse. I have been prescribed an antidepressant but I do not know if this will help with the pain and anxiety that I am suffering caused by my lingual nerve injury. This is starting to affect all aspects of my life. I am not able to talk like I used to at work, the pain and numbness interfere with my relations with my partner and, for some reason, I am not as comfortable or confident in social situations as I used to be.

Most of us don’t realize it, but a lot of happiness and enjoyment in our lives is tied to food and the social food scene. Enjoying meals at home with family or eating out and a special restaurant with friends are just two examples of how a lot of our enjoyment in life centers on food. To have an injury to your  tongue and to not be able to taste foods as you did in the past, is certainly a constant reminder of the dental malpractice that caused your injury and it does not go away.

While the above example may not apply to everyone who has suffered a lingual nerve injury, it has been my experience as a lawyer who regularly represents clients who have suffered this injury, that these symptoms and thoughts apply to most people who have suffered a serious lingual nerve injury in the dentist chair. Remember, if you do suffer from this injury, you are not alone. I wish you the best of luck.

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