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The Danger of Atlanta’s Crumbling Sidewalks

An advocacy group called PEDS is taking issue with Atlanta’s crumbling sidewalks by pushing Atlanta City Council members to add sidewalk maintenance to the city’s budget. PEDS claims that Atlanta’s sidewalks are hazardous which can lead to injuries and lawsuits. Not only are the existing sidewalks in need of repair, there are many areas of Atlanta which, in my opinion, are not safe because they do not even have easily accessible sidewalks for pedestrians to safely walk without being in the way of traffic. Contrast this with the newly formed City of Brookhaven, which has been installing sidewalks along and around Buford highway and other areas of the new City. Perhaps the City of Atlanta could take notice of this and follow suit. After all, it is for everyone’s safety and benefit that a City’s pedestrians are able to walk about and be safe.

At 17th Street and Peachtree Circle, which is just around the block from PEDS Midtown office, the pedestrian advocacy group points to portions of a sidewalk that have been pushed up by the roots of trees. Other areas of the sidewalk are fractured and missing. News viewers have sent pictures of the worst sidewalks in their neighborhood in support of PEDS’ claims.

At present, the public works budget covers sidewalk repairs. An audit estimates that 25 percent of the sidewalks and curbs in Atlanta need to be repaired or replaced altogether at a cost of about $152 million. The maintenance of sidewalks is supposed to be overseen by property owners. However, as PEDS points out, this is seldom the case.

Back in May, a blind man who was injured on a sidewalk was paid $3 million and a woman who caught her heel in a crumbling sidewalk was paid $1.14 million by the city of Atlanta. The city has earmarked $500,000 to repair some of Atlanta’s worst walkways, an amount that PEDS considers insignificant given the number of sidewalks in need of repair. Wouldn’t it make good financial sense for the City to proactively repair the dangerous conditions so that they would not have to pay out such large settlements to compensate people who are injured due to the City’s refusal to keep its sidewalks in good repair. One would think so, but this is, apparently, not how the City of Atlanta operates and until such time as they do, my law firm and I will continue to hold the City of Atlanta accountable for the dangerous conditions in the City.

Falling on a sidewalk can cause serious injury, as well as bruises, cuts, and broken bones. Sufferers of slip and falls should document all injuries with medical records and photographs. You can also contact us at (404) 525-5150 for a free and confidential consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney.

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