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Speed Limiters on Trucks Could Soon Be Reality in Georgia

For years now, trucking safety advocates have been calling for speed limiting devices to be made mandatory on all 18-wheelers. In 2006, the American Trucking Associations and an auto safety group petitioned the federal administration to make these mandatory in all trucks that weighed above 26,000 pounds. The following year, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration invited comments on the issue. It’s been four years since then, and both agencies have received thousands of comments supporting the installation of such devices. In spite of this, there has been no movement forward on these proposals. That sorry situation could soon change.

This May, President Obama directed his administration to get to work on a double-edged policy that would attack greenhouse gas emissions and increase fuel efficiency for the trucks. Both of these objectives can be accomplished through the installation of speed limiters on truckers. According to some estimates, trucking companies would obtain increased fuel efficiency of 1% for every reduction in truck speed of 1 mph. Besides, there are substantial environmental benefits too. Lower truck speeds limit the emission of greenhouse gases. It is therefore safe to assume that it won’t be soon before we have a federal rule mandating the installation of speed limiting devices on all commercial trucks.

While the environmental and fuel efficiency benefits are laudable, it’s the safety benefits that will impress Atlanta truck accident lawyers the most. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand that trucking accidents caused by excessive speeds have devastating consequences. This is a safety measure that has the wholehearted support of the trucking industry and safety advocates. All that support aided by federal momentum on the matter, is bound to give the issue some traction.

Many trucking accident cases are caused by over-tired truckers speeding to finish a run. Excess speed, coupled with a less attentive drive due to fatigue is a recipe for disaster. Unfortunately, the victims of this type of trucker negligence are the most seriously injured because the victims are, most times, driving small cars vs. an 18-wheeler which, due to its massive size, protects the drivers from serious injury in an accident. This is especially prevalent on the interstate where open stretches of road invite speeding, even when the driver is not intentionally speeding but rather is tired and not attentive.

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