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Products Liability Lawsuit May Proceed Against Mazda

Despite years of legal jockeying, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that the carmaker, Mazda Motor of America, Inc. (“Mazda”) may be sued under Products Liability laws for the death of a woman who suffered fatal injuries in a Mazda Minivan that was sold only with a lap belt for the middle portion of the rear seat.

Mazda had repeatedly argred that it should be insulated from liability in the deadly accident because federal regulations did not require a lap and shoulder belt for the middle seat (in which the woman was sitting when killed).

This is an important victory, not only for the dead woman’s family who is seeking to recover for her death, but also for all victims of product defects. With offices in Georgia, Mississippi, and North Caroline, our firm handles many serious accidents in the Atlanta area and throughout the Southeast. Robert J. Fleming is an experienced trial lawyer who specializes in personal injury litigation. According to Mr. Fleming, “many single-car accidents are immediately dismissed by inexperienced lawyers. However, a small portion of these may be caused by, at least in part, unsafe product defects such as faulty door latches, unsafe seat belts such as in the recent Mazda case, unsafe road defects and other product defects. That is why we take great care in fully investigating any potential car accident case that involves serious personal injury or death.”

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