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Nursing Home Abuse Runs Rampant in Georgia

The number of Atlanta Nursing Home Abuse cases has soared in the last 20 years. Driven in part by more diligent oversight by family member and the state of Georgia, the number of cases and the egregiousness of the malpractice is eye-opening.

In response to these new revelations, the Georgia legislature is contemplating new laws to put some teeth into enforcement of nursing home abuse. A bill that would increase fines and require more staffing and training was overwhelmingly approved last month by the Georgia House.
Georgia House Bill 987 is expected to be taken up by the Senate in the coming days. Gov. Brian Kemp has said he supports the effort to improve standards for the state’s senior care providers, and many within the industry also support the bill. So, this is a no-lose proposition that should easily sale through the legislative process and become law.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution recently focused on uncovering nursing home abuse. In fact, the AJC unveiled its website last fall as part of its investigation of the state’s senior care industry. The investigation, entitled “Unprotected,” already had exposed hundreds of cases of abuse and neglect at the state’s assisted living communities and large personal care homes. It also found systemic problems with the senior care industry and state oversight.

This is another great resource for people who are forced to place their parents or grandparents in senior living facilities. This is not an easy choice, and one that comes with a great deal of responsibility and, potentially, harm. As an Atlanta lawyer who has been handling nursing home malpractice and nursing home neglect cases for over 20 years, I have seen more than my share of gruesome pictures of bed sores, open wounds, complex fractures, broken facial bones, broken arms and legs and a whole host of other injuries that seniors have needlessly suffered in the hands of nursing homes. Sadly, too little, other than law firms such as ours holding them accountable after the fact, has been done to stop the abuse.

There a lots of statutes in place that set the standard of care under which nursing homes must operate. Similar statutes are in place that set the standard of care for the doctors and dentists who treat seniors in nursing homes. The law is clear, seniors must receive the same level of care as all others in the United States. Yes, the standard of care in Georgia is a national one, i.e., what a reasonable and prudent nursing home, or doctor or dentist would do under like and similar circumstances. This is the standard that all senior care facilities are held to. All to often they come up short and, more often than not, this results in serious and permanent injuries to our loved ones.

For over 25 years, Attorney Robert J. Fleming has been handling nursing home malpractice and abuse, medical malpractice and other personal injury lawsuits for individuals and families who have been injured or died as a result of the negligence or malpractice of others in the Atlanta, Georgia area. He is a partner in the law firm of Katz Wright & Fleming, LLC and regularly handles cases in Atlanta as well as Alpharetta, Brookhaven, Chamblee, College Park, Duluth, Decatur, Doraville, Johns Creek, Jonesboro, Lawrenceville, Norcross, Peachtree City, Riverdale, Roswell, Sandy Springs, Stone Mountain, Smyrna, Peachtree City, and other cities in Georgia. He is committed to making a difference in his clients’ lives. If you or family member have been seriously injured or died as a result of nursing home negligence and would like quality legal representation or if you would just like to consult about a potential case, contact Robert J. Fleming directly on (404) 525-5150 or contact us online.

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