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New Designs Could Help Atlanta Elderly Maintain Independence

Businesses and designers across the country are becoming conscious that we have an elder population. People are living longer, and living with the handicaps of age longer, creating a need for products that accommodate those handicaps. An article in the New York times reports that some companies are finally designing products to meet that need, and in the process, creating better products for any age.

An exciting aspect of the development of better products for the elderly is the design of products that will allow people to live at home longer, rather than be moved to a nursing home. The relocation of an aging parent or relative can be extremely painful for many reasons; leaving a cherished home, loss of independence, fear of a new place, and the possibility of negligence or abuse at the hands of the new caretakers.

Nursing home abuse is a painful reality in a society that leaves little space for the elderly and infirm. Family members often have no choice but to find an assisted living facility for an aging relative in order to make ends meet. The decision is generally based on the desire to keep that relative safe, rather than risk the possibility of a fall or other injury while the relative is alone. Abuse or neglect in a nursing home can result not just in physical injuries, but it can feel like betrayal, and have great emotional repercussions.

Watch for signs of inadequate care for your loved one. Frequent falls can indicate they are not being adequately monitored. Make sure the staff provides them with daily necessities. Frequent infections can indicate that staff are not maintaining proper hygiene.

If you feel that your loved one is a victim of sub-standard care, please contact Robert Fleming, PC. We have experience with medical malpractice and nursing home abuse, and we will discuss your case in complete confidence.

Source: Natasha Singer, In A Graying Population, Business Opportunity

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