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More Lawsuits Against Merck Over Fosamax

More lawsuits have been filed against Fosamax despite Merck, the pharmaceutical company that manufactures Fosamax, having won several victories in previous lawsuits. Earlier lawsuits and the current ones all allege side effects such as dead jaw and femur fractures.

The latest lawsuit has been filed on behalf of women who claim that Merck overstated the advantages of taking Fosamax. Both women began taking Fosamax believing that it would strengthen their bones and prevent bone fractures, however, they claim that Fosamax increased their chance of injury by causing their bones to deteriorate.

At present, the courts are hearing Fosamax bellwether trials. So far, five trials have concluded with Fosamax winning four and plaintiffs winning one. $8 million was awarded to the plaintiff who won but another judge who considered the award too much later reduced it.

The Wall Street Journal reported that over 1,000 lawsuits have been filed against Merck because of Fosamax. Most of those lawsuits allege that the drug caused osteonecrosis of the jaw. And more lawsuits continue to be filed claiming that there is an increased risk of femur fractures associated with Fosamax use.

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