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Georgia Workers Eligible for Discounted COBRA Payments

Workers in Georgia who have recently been terminated should carefully consider whether they can continue to be covered under the employer’s healthcare plan and pay only 35% of the normal COBRA premium.

As part of the Stimulus Package that recently have taken effect, involuntarily terminated workers who are let go by March 31, 2010, must only pay 35% of the normal COBRA payment to remain under the employer’s health plan. The balance of the payment is repaid to the employer in the form of a federal tax credit.

COBRA is complicated and often confusing. Those workers in Georgia who have been fired, should carefully review all documentation to determine which rights and benefits they are entitled to under the law.

Attorney Robert J. Fleming is a business litigator in Atlanta, Georgia which specializes in assisting employees who have been wrongfully terminated and/or who have not been fully paid the money they were lawfully owed upon termination. Most often, this arises when a commissioned salesperson is fired and the company refuses to pay all of the commissions earned by the employee prior to termination.

Mr. Fleming is an experienced business trial lawyer. In addition to a law degree, Mr. Fleming has earned an MBA in finance, has acted as general counsel to a number of businesses, has successfully litigated many large fraud cases and has a successful business background. This unique set of experiences and skills has enabled Mr. Fleming to achieve record successes in this area.

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