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Happy 4th of July to Our Georgia Veterans

I would like to start off by wishing all of our proud and deserving Georgia veterans a happy and healthy 4th of July, or more appropriately, Happy Independence Day. Without these brave men and woman, we could not celebrate this day. Any celebration would not be complete without acknowledging their heroic efforts and monumental sacrifices in all of our wars and “police actions.”

I am a proud Army veteran. I joined the army right out of high school and completed my enlistment prior to starting college. I signed up for a two year enlistment. I proudly served my country as a Military Policeman. But, fortunately for me, the Army gave me so much; much, much more than I gave back. In exchange for two short years of service, I received the opportunity to go to college and to make something of myself. After all, I was able to complete my Army tour and finish college in about the same time it took to simply go to college. However, not all of our veterans are as fortunate. Of course, too many have given the ultimate sacrifice while defending our Country, their lives. Many have suffered crippling physical injuries while defending our Country. Many more have suffered horrific emotional injuries from the ravages of war. Clearly, these worthy veterans gave much more to our Country than they received. We owe them our deepest gratitude. What made me think of this was a recent visit I had with a great American and staunch Veteran Advocate, Marshall Berman.

A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of hosting a small brunch for Marshall and his family. Marshall is a special person. You see, he cares a lot about other people, and one of his life-long goals is to help our military veterans. He has done great things for our veterans in the past. For instance, while he worked at the Georgia Department of Labor, Marshall was instrumental in improving the lives of our south Georgia military veterans by making it more convenient for them to receive the medical and employment-related services many of them so dearly needed.

What is especially fascinating about Marshall is that, at 70 years of age, he has more energy and drive than anyone I know. He is always thinking; always trying to improve; always trying to help; always trying to “make a difference.” And most often, his efforts are directed at helping our deserving veterans. When we last visited, Marshall was concerned. He deals with needy veterans on a daily basis. He knows that many Georgia veterans need legal help. Yet, he also knows that many of our Georgia military veterans don’t have the resources to hire quality lawyers to assist them. The end result, is that many Georgia veterans “go without.” They go without the assistance of quality lawyers to advise and counsel them. They go without simple things like wills. They go without knowing their legal rights when they are involved in car accidents, harassed by debt collectors, taken advantage of in the business world, injured on the job, wrongfully accused of crimes, and in many other instances.

I share Marshall’s concern about this situation and I am committed to coming up with a solution that will enable our deserving Georgia military veterans to have access to quality legal help when they need it. But until then, please join me in wishing them a Happy Independence Day. They deserve it!

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