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Georgia Dog Owners Need to Take Responsibility

An article in today’s Atlanta Journal Constitution never mentions legal liability and dog bites, but it highlights owner responsibility none the less. According to Manning, most people believe the danger a dog poses is based on the dog owner’s training and treatment of the animal. Many people still feel that some breeds, like pit-bulls, german shepherds, shar peis, or american Stafford terriers, are more dangerous, but opinions differ as to whether the danger is in the breed or the attitude of the people who raise them.

Dog attacks can be terrifying and result in severe injuries, not only from the bite itself, but through defensive or evasive actions by the victim. Many times, if the victim of a dog bite is very young, the incident leads to a life-time fear of dogs. This can be a terrible “life sentence” as there are few families that don’t own a dog and there are so many situations that involve interacting with a dog. Needless to say, this type of situation contributes to a huge portion of the damages that a dog bite victim seeks. In other cases, the damages, in the form of medical bills, can be staggering. In vicious dog bite attacks, the victims must undergo multiple surgeries to correct the damages caused by the dog attack. It might start in the emergency room to stop the bleeding and stabilize the victim, but it usually does not end there. Most times, other surgeries are required to reduce the wound and/or scarring and to deal with nerve damage which results from a lot of dog bites.

The law in Georgia puts liability on the owner, though the dog likely will also suffer for the owner’s irresponsibility. O.C.G.A. 51-2-7 says that a person who owns or keeps a vicious animal and allows that animal to injure another person through careless management is liable to the injured person. In most cases, if there is a violation of any ordinance or law, then by definition, the owner is liable. Currently, almost every community has ordinances requiring that dogs be under control.

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Source: Sue Manning, Poll: Dogs Made Into Bullies

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