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Georgia Car Accident Forum (Continued)

As we have been discussing, as an experienced Georgia personal injury lawyer, I have represented many clients who have suffered serious injuries in automobile accidents. While every case is different and no two clients are alike, I am writing a series of blog posts which address frequently asked questions. Knowing the answers to these common car accident questions will allow those injured in Georgia car accidents to be better informed about the litigation process.

Who pays for my medical bills?

The negligent driver is responsible for paying your medical bills. However, the negligent driver (or, in most cases, their insurance company) will not pay for medical bills until the whole case is settled for a lump sum amount. Therefore, your medical bills must be addressed prior to settlement. Some possible ways to manage your medical bills until your case settles are: (1) If you have health insurance, submit the bills to your health insurance company; (2) submit the bills to your automobile insurance company to be paid under the med pay portion of your automobile insurance policy; (3) ask the hospitals and doctors who have treated you for your automobile accident related injuries to delay collection efforts until your case resolves, at which time the outstanding medical bills can be properly addressed; (4) seek a Letter of Protection from your attorney to the medical care provider stating that the doctors’ bills will be “protected” in any settlement. This allows the doctor to continue providing the care and treatment you need, while not having to worry about getting paid; and (5) in rare cases, an injured person can receive money from case funding companies.

At Robert J. Fleming, P.C., we have had great successes helping our seriously injured Georgia clients fully recover for their injuries. If you or a family member has been seriously injured in an automobile accident and would like to discuss your case, please contact us for a confidential and thorough case evaluation.

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