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Georgia Pedestrians Needlessly Put At Risk By Distracted Drivers

The numbers don’t lie. Almost ten people a day are killed in car accidents caused by distracted drivers. In 2017 alone, the yearly total was 3,166 deaths, according to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Let’s break down the numbers to see just how much of a concern this should be for the pedestrians of Atlanta.

The percentage of fatal crashes that involved a distracted driver who was focused on something other than driving — most often talking or texting on a cellphone (accounting for 15 percent of all distracted-driver fatalities), but sometimes eating, talking to passengers, fiddling with the radio, putting on makeup, drinking, watching videos or playing video games or adjusting controls on the car.

The number of pedestrians, bicyclists or others not in the vehicle with the distracted driver who were killed. In other words, in addition to the hundreds of people killed in the distracted drivers’ car, there are many more hundreds of innocent victims who are killed by distracted driving. If you or a family member is a victim of distracted driving, in other words either your or a family member of yours was either severely injured or killed in a car accident, caused by a distracted driver, call today.


Did you know that the largest group of distracted drivers involved in fatal crashes are the group of drivers aged 20 to 29 and that most of the distraction is caused by using a cellphone while driving. It is now illegal to use your cellphone while driving in Georgia, which is a much-needed law that we have advocated for. Thankfully, the law was passed last year by the Georgia legislator and the police have been aggressively enforcing it, although I still see drivers routinely reading and sending text messages while traveling well above the speed limit on Georgia’s interstates. This really is a serious problem that is still causing major car accidents and deaths even though the new laws are in place and being enforced.

The percentage of Georgia parents who read texts while driving in the past month. Even more dangerous,  over half of Georgia parents had written texts while driving. Couple this with the fact that their kids are in the car with these parents when they are reading and sending texts, and we know that this, again, is a serious problem that causes unnecessary accidents, injuries and even deaths.

Don’t fall prey to driving while distracted. Don’t text and drive. Don’t talk on the phone while driving. Don’t allow your concentration to be diverted from the task at hand — safely driving you and your family  and not endangering the life and well-being of those around you on the roads of Georgia. Many of the laws are in place to protect our citizens of the road and to make road travel more safe. This is especially true of the new laws in place to stop distracted driving. Drivers should obey the new (and old) laws, not because it’s the law, but more importantly, because it allows you to drive safer and not cause accidents that can result in severe injuries or death to you or others on the road. If you won’t do it for you, do it for those around you. Those as old as me will remember the old slogan: “Drive 55 and arrive alive.”  Perhaps not as catchy, but even more practical and important, “follow the law and arrive alive.”

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