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Extent of Georgia Car Wreck Injuries Not Always Immediately Apparent

Atlanta Braves reliever A.J. Minter was involved in a relatively minor car accident which eventually lead to him having to miss a turn pitching. Despite his own assessment that no one was hurt at the scene of the accident, including himself, the injuries including to his shoulder became apparent during the two days after the accident.

According to the AJC, Minter was driving around 6 p.m. Wednesday when, he said, he ran into the car in front of him. No one suffered any obvious injury, Minter said, and he was prepared to make his first appearance of the spring the next day. The Braves decided to move him back to Friday.

Minter went on to elaborate on how the extent of his injuries from the car wreck that he was involved in were not immediately discovered by him or the Braves medical staff: “Friday I woke up, played catch, everything felt fine. I wanted to get in the game. “Warming up, I started to get a little stiff when I started to let it loose. I got in the game, I realized I probably shouldn’t be out here. A little stiff, nothing serious. I need a couple more days of rest.”

He was feeling soreness where the seat belt went across his left shoulder and neck. “It’s weird. I woke up (Thursday) and wasn’t sore, but I guess, in talking to everyone, it’s normal to feel soreness two days after the car accident.”

While Minter is somewhat of a celebrity, this scenario highlights how some injuries that are sustained in seemingly minor auto wrecks, can manifest themselves not at the scene, but during the days immediately following the wreck. In addition, some injuries that are reported at the scene as minor, can become much more serious in the days immediately following the wreck. In this situation, it is imperative to report to your doctor the newly discovered (or more severe) injury and to follow-up with treatment in a timely manner to address it. Sometimes, this may involve further diagnostic tests that may uncover herniated discs, fractures or other objective causes of the new signs or symptoms that may not have been detected at the ER immediately after the wreck, or to address newly discovered pain that was not present at the scene. This is fairly common and should not be dismissed just because the full extent of the injuries were not apparent immediately after the accident. Sometimes, a new treatment plan may be developed that makes more sense and a follow-up with an orthopedist or other specialist may be indicated based on the breadth and scope of the injury. As Minter pointed out, it is not unusual to feel fine at the scene of a car wreck and then to discover a day or two later that the injury is more severe than initially suspected.

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