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Despite Knowledge of Accident Risks, Georgia Motorists Drive Dangerously

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has just published the results of a study conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. The report has findings that should be of interest to Atlanta car accident attorneys. According to the study, most drivers are fully aware of the risks from hazardous driving behaviors, like talking on a cell phone or texting while driving and speeding, but that doesn’t stop them from indulging in these practices at the wheel.

The study is based on a poll conducted of more than 2,000 motorists above the age of 16. Some of the findings:
• 92% believed cell phone use at the wheel was hazardous, and two-thirds said that other people using the cell phone while driving was hazardous to their safety. However, 24% admitted to using the cell phone at the wheel over the past month.
• Two thirds of the respondents believed that running red lights is dangerous, but at least one-third said that they had done so.
• 96% of the drivers found it unacceptable for drivers to operate a vehicle while fatigued, but more than 25% of them had operated a vehicle in a drowsy state over the past month.
• Two thirds believed it was unacceptable for people to be driving 15 mph above the posted limit, but 46% said they had broken those limits over the past month.
• Just about every respondent in the study found drunk driving extremely hazardous to public safety, but 11% said they had operated a vehicle during the past month when their blood alcohol level was close to, or at the .08% limit.

The findings boil down to one fact, there is only so much legislation and awareness can do to increase traffic safety and reduce the numbers of people being killed in accidents every year. What we need is greater motorist responsibility to drive safely, not just for their own safety, but for the safety of other drivers on the road. One way to reduce these dangerous behaviors and make the city of Atlanta roads safer is to hold those at fault accountable for their actions in a court of law. While many people are quick to blame lawyers for the bad, it should be noted that lawyers are actually helping to keep us safe by pursuing the claims against those negligent drivers who cause injury and death by carelessly driving while talking on their cells phones, texting, and a whole host of other things that negligent drivers do while driving on the streets of Atlanta.

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