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Dental Malpractice and the Re-Use of Dental Instruments

As a recent article related to sub-standard dental care makes clear, the practice of dentistry is only as good as the dentist who is performing the dental care and treatment. Why on earth a dentist in a large dental practice would subject his patients to potential disease and infection by re-using dental instruments which were designed and sold for single-use is anyone’s guess. What is important to know though, is that the dental care and treatment must comply with the applicable standard of care, regardless of the circumstances.

Dental implants are especially susceptible to infection because they are, by definition, a foreign body placed in the mouth with the intent on it staying there for the life of the implant.

As a lawyer who regularly handles dental malpractice cases in Georgia, I have reviewed many malpractice cases that stem from the negligent installation of dental implants. Most of these cases are very fact intensive and require a thorough review to determine if there was malpractice and if the malpractice caused the injury which the patient is complaining of. In most cases, all of the dental and medical records must be obtained and a competent expert must be retained to review the records to determine this. This is a complex process that, in many cases, takes many months to complete. That is why time is of the essence if you have been injured by a dental procedure.

Robert J. Fleming has been handling wrongful death cases, dental malpractice, and other personal injury cases for individuals and families who have been harmed, injured or died as a result of negligence for over 20 years. He practices in and around the Atlanta, Georgia area including handling lawsuits in Fulton, DeKalb, Clayton, Gwinnett, Cobb and other counties and nearby cities such as Alpharetta, Chamblee, College Park, Duluth, Decatur, Doraville, Hapeville, Johns Creek, Jonesboro, Lawrenceville, Norcross, Peachtree City, Riverdale, Roswell, Sandy Springs, Stone Mountain, and Smyrna. If you have been seriously injured and would like to discuss your case in complete confidence, contact Robert J. Fleming directly on (404) 525-5150 or contact us online.

Dental nerve injuries can be serious, permanent and debilitating. If you have sustained this type of nerve injury, it may be worth having the facts of your case reviewed to determine if there is suspected malpractice. Only after a thorough case evaluation can such a determination be made. You must also be mindful of the statute of limitations, or the time period in which you must sue for dental malpractice in Georgia. While there are limited exceptions, the general rule is that you must sue within two years from the alleged act of malpractice. Of course, a simple statement of the law is of little use as it must be applied to the facts and circumstances of your particular case. This is why you should seek and attorney immediately so that a complete review of your case can be conducted, including a review of the dentistry and medicine involved, your injuries and the specific date on which the applicable Georgia statute of limitation would apply to your case.

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