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Deceptive Advertising Claim Filed Against Sketchers

A lawsuit has been filed on behalf of consumers claiming that deceptive advertising influenced their decision to by “Shape-Ups” by Sketchers. The lawsuit is seeking monetary damages for consumers who paid a “premium price” for Sketchers “Shape-Ups” based on ads on television, the Internet, and print. The ads, which had appeared in the Atlanta area, publicized the health benefits of the shoes.

However, the lawsuit contends that the shoes do not have any additional health benefits. But they cause a serious risk of injury because of their distinct bottom sole, the complaint added. The lawsuit also seeks to prevent Sketchers from continuing its “deceptive and unlawful advertising”.

Federal Trade Commission is also investigating Sketchers’ toning shoes. In September, Reebok and the FTC came to a $25 million settlement for making similar claims about its own type of toning shoes. It is estimated that Sketchers could be fined as much as $75 million. The lawsuit claims that Sketchers advertised that “Shape-Ups” offers benefits “without setting foot in a gym”.

The lawsuit alleges that Sketchers doesn’t have any legitimate evidence that their toning shoes are more beneficial than other athletic shoes. However, the lawsuit claims that the bottom sole creates unsteadiness and alters the way of walking and running. Thus they can cause serious injuries and cause injuries resulting from falls. Other injuries associated with the shoes are tendinitis and foot, leg, and hip pain. There have been some instances of broken bones also reported.

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