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Closed Head Injuries in Car Accidents on the Rise

Most Atlanta injury lawyers are well-versed in the more common car accident injuries such as orthopedic injuries (broken bones and fractures) and soft tissue injuries (torn or bruised ligaments, muscles or nerves). However, there is an increased incidence of mild to moderate brain injuries (also known as closed head injuries) diagnosed in Atlanta car accident victims.

Many times, closed head injuries are more debilitating than meets the eye yet go undiagnosed at first. The reason is simple: many doctors (and inexperienced accident lawyers) focus on the soft tissue or orthopedic injury because it is more obvious and fail to recognize the severity of the closed head injury.

Most symptoms of closed head injury are easily identified by family members and include brief periods of dizziness, overwhelming fatigue, vision problems, short-term memory problems, and unexplained irritability.

Robert J. Fleming is an experienced Atlanta injury lawyer who is familiar with closed head injuries. If you have been involved in a recent serious automobile accident and believe that you have suffered a closed head injury in addition to your other injuries, please contact Mr. Fleming directly at (404) 525-5150 or contact us online for a confidential and free initial consultation.

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