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Atlanta Braces for More Snow and a Higher Risk of Car Accidents

Meteorologists are predicting more snow and rain in the metro Atlanta area on Tuesday, increasing the risk of multiple accidents.

According to weather experts, there will be some rain and light snow on Tuesday morning, which may turn to all-snow for a while. Meteorologists are predicting slowed down traffic during rush hour, which is likely to be even more congested than normal.

The metro Atlanta area has seen colder than usual conditions this year. Last month was marked by severe snowstorms and showers that were blamed for a series of accidents. Given the dry conditions of the past few days, roads are likely to be very slippery, as the fresh rains mix with accumulated grease residues on the asphalt to create a slick mix of oil and water.

Given that we enjoy dry and sunny weather most of the year in Atlanta, it is no surprise to Atlanta car accident lawyers that motorists here take a little more time to get acclimatized to the challenging weather conditions. Pileups, skidding and hydroplanes ending in single-vehicle crashes, are frequent whenever the weather turns wet.

However, bad weather can’t be an excuse for causing a crash. Driving safely in wet conditions isn’t really a science. It simply requires that you stay within speed limits, leave plenty of extra space between you and the car in front of you and drive extra cautiously. For those who will be out driving tomorrow in wet weather, Atlanta car accident attorneys advise the following:

• Always stay within speed limits. If you are traveling and encounter icy, snow or heavy rain, drive at a safe speed, even if it is below the posted speed limit.
• Check your local radio station for weather alerts and posted speed limits. Traffic police will post updates of the lowered speeds at which you must drive.
• If the weather out there gets dark, turn your headlights on even if it is daytime. Doing this helps you see the road ahead clearly, and also allows other drivers on the road to see you from a greater distance.
• Avoid turning suddenly, braking sharply and other driving maneuvers on wet roads.
• Be patient. There’s nothing you can do to control the weather, and everyone around you will be as frustrated as you are. Everyone on the road is in the same position. Honking madly or exhibiting road rage only makes a bad situation worse.

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