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Atlanta Root Canals Lead to Dental Injury — Cancer Link Discussed

As an Atlanta dental malpractice lawyer, I am well aware of a number of dental injuries that clients suffer due to improperly performed root canals, as well as from other dental procedures that are performed below the standard of care. Some of the leading dental injuries related to root canals are abscesses, infections, perforation of the sinuses, and facial nerve injuries.

I recently read an article which discusses a possible link between root canals and cancer. Interestingly, the article discusses how, even if the root canal is done correctly and all of the FDA approved materials are used, there could be a link between having the root canal and contracting cancer. While this makes for interesting reading, I have not seen any credible evidence to support this conclusion, and the American Dental Association (“ADA”) and other dental organizations have not, to my knowledge found this type of causal link.

However, with this being said, I still believe in being careful and only undergoing a root canal if it is absolutely necessary to save your tooth. The reason? The many dental injuries that occur when a root canal is not performed properly. As discussed above, many clients suffer from injuries that are caused by improper root canals. Some injuries occur when the dentist drills past the end of the root canal when cleaning the roots before filling them. In the upper maxillary teeth, this often results in a perforation of the sinus, communication between the mouth and the sinus, and infection. In the lower mandibular teeth, this can result in an injury to the mandibular nerves that run below the lower teeth and which run especially close to the roots of the molars. This type of injury is often very serious, as the resulting nerve damage causes loss of sensation and innervation to the chin, lip and jaw area. Sometimes, this numbness is combined with pain, which can be especially debilitating.

It must be noted, that not all dental nerve injuries are caused by malpractice and that these injuries can happen even if there is not malpractice. However, that is not to say that your injury was not caused by malpractice. That is why it is important to timely contact and experienced dental malpractice attorney that regularly handles these types of cases to evaluate the case and determine if the case appears to have merit and further case investigation and evaluation is appropriate.

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