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Three Boys Die after Wisdom Teeth are Pulled

CBS Atlanta News is following an exclusive investigation into the deaths of three boys from Georgia who lost their lives following routine dental procedures. The boys, ages 14 to 21, all died within a month of each other. Each boy had his wisdom teeth extracted 16 to 72 hours before dying.

The families of the boys are speaking out for the first time in an effort to warn other parents of the dangers associated with such dental procedures. The parents of the victims claim that they were not forewarned of the possible dangers associated with nitrous oxide.

Nitrous oxide remains a routine part of dental surgeries in spite of mounting proof of its dangerous side effects. Researchers have found that patients who were given nitrous oxide as part of their anesthetic were more likely to experience wound infections.

One boy’s death was ruled natural, but the coroner was unable to establish what caused his death. Another boy’s death was ruled as a bad reaction to penicillin. But dental experts say that infections are one of the principal causes of dental deaths.

The human mouth has more bacteria than any other part of the body, and that bacteria can become deadly if it gets into the blood stream. Patients can develop a post-operative infection that can lead to death. The brain swells and then brain damage can set in or brain death can result.

Reactions to anesthesia and inhalation of blood into the lungs, which can cause suffocation, and bad reactions to prescribed drugs are all possible causes of death following dental procedures warn experts.

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