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The $200,000 Dog Bite

A $200,000 lawsuit has been filed against film producer Stuart Parr and his actress wife because their black Labrador Retriever has allegedly bit a woman on the left hand at a hotel in Aspen, Colorado. As a litigation attorney in Atlanta, I’ve seen firsthand the physical pain and emotional anguish dog bites can cause.

The incident took place while the defendants were vacationing with their daughter and their Labrador Retriever at the Little Nell Hotel. The victim of the dog bite asserts that the dog “lunged” at her, clamping down on her left hand as she was walking the hotel grounds.

The defendants’ daughter pulled the dog away and told the victim that the dog was a “bad dog” after the bite happened. The injuries suffered by the claimant required several surgeries and caused a staph infection.

Staph infections are caused by a germ called staphylococcus bacteria, which is commonly found on the skin and nose of healthy individuals. These bacteria seldom cause problems or cause minor skin infections. But staph infections can be deadly if the bacterium enters the bloodstream, joints, bones, heart, or lungs.

Dogs bite around 4 1/2 million people annually. And 1 in 5 of those unfortunate enough to be bitten require medical attention. Furthermore, over 30,000 people have to undergo reconstructive surgery as a result.